Due to the efforts of Khuddam ul Masajid Wal Madaris ul Madina every year more or less 600 Masajid are being constructed within the country and abroad.

Brief Introduction of Khuddam ul Masajid Wal Madaris ul Madina
A Department of Dawat-e-Islami

Mosques are intrinsic to Muslim communities for worshipping Allah Almighty worldwide. It is a sacred place for Muslims to worship and connect with their faith. Also, it is the heart of Islamic community and is as deep-rooted as Islam itself. The Prophet Muhammad صَلَّى اللهُ تَعَالٰى عَلَيْهِ وَاٰلِهٖ وَسَلَّم also took part in the construction of the first mosque in Madina. He defined a worship place for Muslims and declared that it was a part of his will to do so.

Dawat-e-Islami has delivered the message of Allah Almighty & The Prophet ﷺ in more than 195 countries of the world. The organization has more than hundreds of departments and each one is dedicated to serve Islam. Khuddam ul Masajid Wal Madaris ul Madina is one of them.

Khuddam ul Masajid Wal Madaris ul Madina takes care of all the operations regarding the development of new mosques and the reconstruction of older ones in several places to make worshipping in mosques a common practice for every Muslim individual.

A mosque is the house of Allah Almighty and holds supreme importance in Islam. It is a sacred space that offers Muslim community to gather and pray to Allah Almighty. Moreover, it is the place to get the teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah. For Muslims, it is also the basic source of individual enlightenment, moral guidance, and religious education.

After the worldwide Madani Markaz, Kanz-ul-Iman was the first mosque to be established in response to the demand for mosques. Afterwards, Ameer-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat assembled a Majlis of a few Muslim brothers and gave it the name "Majlis Khuddam ul Masajid Wal Madaris ul Madina." He also instilled in them the belief that Dawat-e-Islam should construct mosques across the world.

Therefore, the areas or cities where Masajid are needed, the responsible Islamic brothers of Khuddam ul Masajid Wal Madaris ul Madina try to purchase the land/property in those areas after consulting with their Nigran and obtaining Shar’i guidance from Dar-ul-Ifta Ahl-e-Sunnat. They especially soothe the eyes of Muslims and provide solace to their hearts by purchasing land/properties for Masajid especially in new towns and colonies, and completing its construction work. Pictures of the Masajid to be constructed by the Majlis Khuddam ul Masajid Wal Madaris ul Madina and those that are under construction are available in the form of a detailed album. It costs millions of rupees all the way from purchasing the land/property to the phase of constructing/extending it and buying material for it. All these expenses are met from the donations given by the devotees of Rasool.

All transactions involving the Masjid's land, including its acquisition and waqf, are handled by Majlis Khuddam ul Masajid Wal Madaris ul Madina in accordance with Shari'a law and established administrative protocols. Majlis Khuddam ul Masajid Wal Madaris ul Madina has so far constructed thousands of mosques, and more are still being created. In the entire world, two mosques are constructed every single day under the supervision of this department.

Would you prefer to live in one of the houses that Allah will construct in paradise? With Khuddam ul Masajid Wal Madaris ul Madina you can take part in mosque construction. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to establish a Sadaqah Jariyah for yourself and your loved ones.

Our Islamic Center project offers our donors the wonderful chance to provide their needy brothers and sisters a place of worship. Picture yourself and your family benefiting from the results of every prayer you and they offered up five times every day for a whole 365 days.

Mosques may entice non-Muslims to convert to Islam. The construction of mosques will allow the local Muslim communities the chance to introduce Islamic culture and values to nearby non-Muslim residents. This can make them curious about their interest in Islam and its beliefs, presenting a chance for them to learn more.

Khuddam ul Masajid Wal Madaris ul Madina is devoted to making sure that every Muslim has access to a mosque so that they can practice their religion. Because we firmly believe that the meeting of people in Allah's home is where the strength of community rests, we are working to construct and renovate mosques throughout numerous locations.